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Located in Louisiana, the Hollywood South, R-Squared Productions is a film company poised to make a positive dent in the entertainment world by challenging the believer, developing a stronger desire in the seeker, and creating curiosity in the non-believer.
The company was founded by successful Christian businessman Rodney Ray in 2008.  In addition to owning two businesses, Ray developed his love for the arts with writing, producing, and directing theater productions at First West, one of the largest Baptist Churches in Louisiana and home to 5,000 members.  His passion for creative ministry inspired him to extend his express of faith into the film arena.  Since the formation of R-Squared Productions, four films have been created to date:  Mumbai Baby, Desires of the Heart, Flag of my Father, and New Hope.
Mumbai Baby and Desires of the Heart, both short films, were the first projects developed by R-Squared.  Desires went on to receive the Family-Approved Seal from the Dove Foundation and a distribution deal through Bridgestone Multimedia Group.  Shortly after the premiere of Desires, R-Squared began developing the drama Flag of My Father.
Flag, the company's first feature film, is perhaps the most personal story written by Ray.  The film's protagonist is a young female veteran who battles Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder resulting from a terrifying ordeal in Iraq.  She also shares a close relationship with her Vietnam veteran father (an element of the story no doubt inspired by Ray's relationship with his WWII veteran father).  After the patriarch dies unexpectedly, years of tension between his sons and daughter boil over.  The siblings must find a way to humble themselves and make amends.
Flag stars John Schneider (Dukes of Hazzard, Smallville, Desperate Housewives), William Devane (Knot's Landing, The West Wing, 24), Andrew Sensenig (I Love You Phillip Morris, W, Mad Money), and GiGi Erneta (Veronica Mars, Strong Medicine, Friday Night Lights).  The premiere week of Flag in April 2010 brought out nearly 10,000 people from Northeast Louisiana and surrounding areas.  U.S. Senator David Vitter attended and said the following about the film:​

"Flag of My Father really is an inspiring film about the enormous sacrifice of American soldiers and the enormous power of faith.  This powerful film has a message that all Americans need to hear - particularly my colleagues in Washington."

The film was able to continue to inspire audiences at the Projecting Hope Film Festival 2010, Big Easy International Film Festival 2010, and most recently at the G.I. Film Festival 2011 in Washington, D.C.  Flag premiered at the Navy Memorial, an honor for U.S. Navy veteran Rodney Ray.  The film received an overwhelming response and was awarded the festival's most coveted award - Best Narrative Feature!  In addition, Devane was presented with the festival's Choice Award for his positive portrayal of a veteran.
Coincidentally, R-Squared had another well-received film at the festival.  Some Called Them Baby Killers, We Call Them Heroes is the first feature length documentary from R-Squared, and is a candid glimpse into the lives of our nations Vietnam veterans.  The documentary explores our veterans' deepest trials and greatest triumphs while aiming to give them the honor they deserve.  R-Squared was the first production company in the festival's history to have two films accepted!
While on the festival circuit with Flag, the R-Squared staff worked tirelessly to produce the first R-Squared Film Festival in 2011.  The festival, geared toward the advancement of young/amateur filmmakers in Northeast Louisiana, recently finished with a bang!  Over $3,000 in gifts and prizes were awarded to grade school students, college seniors, and adults.  The festival also had approximately 300 students participate in workshops taught by the R-Squared staff.  Participants spent a day with the staff learning cinematography, sound design, production design, directing, and acting.
R-Squared latest release, New Hope, is a mature teenage film exploring a basketball team and a community's struggle to rebuild after a teenage suicide.  New Hope premiered Friday, February 10, 2012, at First Baptist Church in West Monroe, LA.  Seating over 2,000 people, First West allowed for the ultimate viewing experience.  New Hope was recently honored as "Best Feature Film" at the 2012 Kingdomwood Christian Film Festival.  Ben Davies (Courageous) was also awarded "Best Supporting Actor." New Hope released on DVD in October 2012 and is available at most major retailers and our online store.

The entire R-Squared family understands the ultimate goal.  It is not about the accolades, applause, or recognition, but about reaching people for Christ through efforts in filmmaking.  The company wishes to honor God in all of its endeavors, from the early pre-production stages of the film to the final edit.
R-Squared is on the rise and will continue to strive for quality, thought-provoking films.  We are not only committed to producing quality, life-changing films, but also investing in our local community.
We ask that you join us as we push towards our ultimate goal to positively entertain and shape lives.  Be sure to visit our online store and check back with us frequently for news!​


- The R-Squared Team

R-Squared Productions on the set of New Hope
R-Squared Productions on the set of New Hope
R-Squared Productions on the set of Flag of My Father
Director Rodney Ray on the set of New Hope