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Perhaps the most turbulent political times in our nation’s history were the 1960s and early 70s: The assassinations of President Kennedy and Dr. King, Roe v. Wade, the sexual revolution…and Vietnam. This battle was raging in the jungles abroad and domestically. Soon, Americans began taking sides—with our armed forces left in the middle. Contrary to the hero’s welcome received by veterans from all our other wars, the majority of men returning home were barely given a handshake of appreciation…much less parades and accolades.

    Director Rodney Ray (Flag of My Father, Price of Freedom) captures the sorrow, strength and victory of veterans who have waited up to 45 years to open the door to their past. They were young men who boldly fought the North Vietnamese Army & Viet Cong on the battlefield and slept in the jungles during monsoons. They defended villages during the day and wondered who the true enemy was at night. They walked into booby traps and flew Hueys and Cobras into ambushes. Their training didn’t prepare them for the savagery they faced…nor did it prepare them to gracefully blend back into civilian life once their tour was over, especially if the perception of your service to this nation is summed up into two cruel words—“baby killer.”

    Some called them Baby Killers… We call them Heroes takes a closer look at these warriors, their journeys, and even their family life. As each man recounts his story and contemplates the arrival of the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall in Monroe, we get a glimpse into the lives of these unheralded heroes.

We Call Them Heroes

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