Twin Brothers Ethan (Parker Dash) and Jack (Hevin Hampton) seem to be in constant competition with one another…each seeking favoritism from their father, Ike (Kip Cummings). Both desire the family business, The Abrams Group, and a precious family heirloom. Ethan, athletic and charismatic, always seems to get his way. Jack is both studious and responsible, but has to work hard for his accomplishments. When Ike is stricken with cancer, he must confirm once and for all which child he will inherit his legacy. An irreversible decision is made by their mother (Tammi Arender) that damages the very fabric of their family. Ethan finds he must confront the choices of the past and the hurt and anger that poison his spirit. If he succeeds, he will discover the power that forgiveness holds…only time will tell.

Based on the screenplay by Christi A. Watson, Desires of the Heart is a compelling tale of forgiveness and reconciliation, paralleling the biblical tale of Jacob and Esau.

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