Seven Dust  -  If you're a PBR fan, you might recognize the bull in this photo.   Although he doesn't have an IMDb page, he's one of the actors we're most excited about.  Seven Dust  plays the role of the world's baddest bull - Gang Banger - in Cowboy & Indiana. And for him to play the part didn't require any acting because he just might be the baddest bull on the planet (check out this video for proof).  Consistently ranked among the Top Ten bulls on the PBR Built Ford Tough Series (the top level in bull riding), Seven Dust has only been ridden twice in his career (over 40 attempts).  Yep, super excited to have Seven Dust as member of the Cowboy & Indiana cast! 

Meet the Cast

Taylor Girard  -  With over 100 submissions for the lead role of Tulsa Hughes in Cowboy & Indiana, the process of picking the right person was not a quick or easy one.  But after all the dust had settled, one cowboy was left standing.  Taylor Girard from Tampa, FL was selected to play Tulsa.  Taylor's dedication to the role of Tulsa was quickly evident as he brought this complex character to life on the big screen in a truly  stellar performance.  Taylor truly made it all look easy as he went the entire eight!  Eight seconds isn’t a long time, unless you’re on a bull…

Rif Hutton  -  We are honored to have Rif Hutton playing the part of Buck Porter in Cowboy & Indiana. Rif has over 140 credits to his name with over 30 years of experience! Rif is a true professional and gentleman who goes beyond the call researching and refining his character.  Watching Rif’s audition was awe-inspiring and we can assure you that his performance in Cowboy & Indiana took our movie to a higher level.

Lynn Andrews  -  The selection of the actor who would play Marcus Cruz in Cowboy & Indiana was actually an easy one. Like all the other roles, there were lots of submissions, but Lynn Andrews quickly separated himself from the pack. His talent and good looks were obvious when he auditioned, but his wonderful, friendly disposition became more and more apparent as we get to know him. Lynn is a quick study with a “can do” spirit that’s every director's dream. Lynn’s portrayal of this very important and pivotal role is sure to draw great reviews!

Kenneisha Thompson  -  The fiercest competition for a role in Cowboy & Indiana was for the character Velena (Indiana’s mom).  Several talented actors provided great auditions that really made the decision tough, but we all agreed that one actor clearly rose to the top.  Kenneisha is a director’s dream.  Kenneisha is a talented and passionate actor that instantly brought her character to life.  As with all our other actors, we are very fortunate to have Kenneisha onboard and we know you will greatly enjoy what she brings to the movie.

Evan Horsley  -  W.C. Fields is quoted as saying, “Never work with animals or children.”  Well, we did both of those things in Cowboy & Indiana.  Besides Seven Dust, we will have numerous other bulls and horses in the movie.  And, of course, we have the character Indiana.  Most probably W.C. Fields made that comment tongue in cheek, but even so finding a good child actor can be quite the challenge.  That’s why we are SO excited about the young man we have playing IndianaEvan did an outstanding job in his audition, but what he did on set was more than we could have ever imagined.  We were all impressed by not only his obvious talent, but also how well he took directions.  Evan promises to be a delight to everyone that watches Cowboy & Indiana.  

Niki Spiridakos  -  Sometimes when you meet people you instantly know they’re special.  That’s the way we all felt when we met Niki.  Her friendly and bubbly personality is contagious.  Niki plays the role of Ann Shaw in Cowboy & Indiana.  Ann is a key character in the story and Niki’s talents and beauty might just might make her performance a show-stealer!  The addition of Niki to the cast of Cowboy & Indiana significantly raised the bar. 

Justin McBride  -  Two-time PBR World Champion (2005 and 2007) Justin plays himself.  Justin has a record 32 career wins and was the first professional bull rider to earn more than $5 million in the course of his career.  Justin also helped coach the actors about proper bull riding technique​ and safety.  With his years of announcing and commentating for the PBR, he is comfortable in front of the camera and brings a true feeling of authenticity.

JW Hart   -  With a 15-year professional riding career that netted a host of honors, including 1994 Rookie of the Year, 2002 World Champion, and 2004 Challenger Tour Champion, JW is revered as the “Iron Man” to those in the bull riding community.  JW knows bulls and he knows bull riding and he can be often seen commentating with Justin McBride for the PBR.  That’s why playing himself was a natural role for JW.  

Frank Newsom   -  If you're going to make a bull riding movie, everyone knows you have to have two import things - Bulls and Bull Riders.  But maybe one of the most important things should never be overlooked - Bull Fighters.  Bull fighters are the men that put their lives on the line protecting the riders and no rider will get on the back of an 1,800 pound bull without them.  That's why we're glad we had one of the best in the business in "Fearless Frank".  Turn on a PBR event and you'll probably see Frank working with the top riders and bulls in the world.  Safety is always a concern when filming the dangerous riding scenes and Frank helped ensure that everyone lived to ride another day.