R-Squared Productions Video Reel

New Hope Official Trailer

New Hope is the latest release from R-Squared Productions.  This teenage drama chronicles the lives that are affected after a teenager loses hope and takes their own life.  Samuel Davis (Abel's Field) plays the part of Michael, the new kid in town who has to figure out a way to live through some very awkward situations.  Ben Davies (Courageous) is the 2012 Kingdomwood Christian Film Festival "Best Supporting Actor" in the role of Lucas, the brother of the student who committed suicide.  Meanwhile, Jasmine (Perry Frost) is caught in the middle of grieving with her ex-boyfriend's brother, while entertaining a new romantic interest in Michael.

We Call Them Heroes Trailer

Some Called Them Baby Killers...We Call Them Heroes is a heart-wrenching, eye-opening documentary.  Heroes presents real stories from real veterans, detailing both what they experienced abroad, and, more tragically, when they arrived home.  We Call Them Heroes is one of the few films that you will encounter that has the power to completely change the way you view a group of people.

Life Is _____________
"Life Is _________" is a message from the R-Squared Productions staff that was included as a special feature on the New Hope DVD.  Based on comments from our community in response to a Facebook question, R-Squared Productions wants all to have a reminder that Life Is worth living.

Flag of My Father Official Trailer

Captain Judith Rainier (GiGi Erneta) is battling severe post-traumatic stress after a harrowing experience as a prisoner of war in Iraq. Plagued by nightmares about fighting for her life and the salvation of a fellow American soldier, the Army nurse has only her father, Jake (William Devane), a Vietnam veteran, in which to confide. Bound by a military comradeship, Jake and Judith's relationship breeds jealousy in Judith's four half-brothers. When their father unexpectedly dies, Judith's already fragile relationship with her brothers grows even more fractured, leaving Judith to rely on her faith to heal her family's strife and make peace with her own past.

Flag of My Father Action Trailer

This is the more action-based trailer for Flag of My Father, the 2011 G.I. Film Festival "Best Narrative Feature" which stars John Schneider, William Devane, and GiGi Erneta.

Behind the Scenes Interview

Executive Producer Rodney Ray sits down with Tammi Arender to discuss what's been going on lately with R-Squared Productions, as well as what's to come next!

R-Squared Productions EPK

A video highlighting who we are and what we do.  Featuring scenes from almost all of our products, this video is a great way to introduce R-Squared Productions to you friends and family!