All participants will be required to sign a Liability Waiver.
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Note:  Rules, prizes and conditions are subject to change without notice.  Prizes and gifts cannot be exchanged, transferred or redeemed for cash.

Registration is Full, but you can sign up for Standby Status!


Do you have what it takes to survive and be crowned the winner of Survivor 2016 Gammy & Big P’s and win hundreds of $$$ in gifts and prizes?!!


If so, you’ll have to use your brawn, brains, and bravery to complete various tasks of mystery and intrigue to outwit, outplay & outlast your opponents.  The game will be limited to 40 total participants in a first come, first serve basis (sign up using the form on this page).  Each participant will compete to the very end until the winner is declared at Tribal Council.  Following Tribal Council, there will be a party around the tribal fires where we unwind and reminisce about the day.  It promises to be an event full of fun and adventure!  Here’s the what, when, where, why & how.

What: If you’re a fan of the television show Survivor and ever dreamed of being a contestant, this event is for you! We won’t be shipping you off to some remote location for weeks, but instead have a one day event in West Monroe. And the challenges are not nearly as physical as what you see on TV. In fact, our challenges will require equal amounts of brawn, brains & bravery. If you are in at least average physical health, you should be okay. Consult with your physicians before participating.


When: Saturday, June 4, 2016. Exact times are TBA, but approximate start time is 3:00 with an approximate ending time of 10:00. Along with the numerous challenges, we will have a big finale around the tribal fires as we meet in Tribal Council. All of that followed with a time to hang out and reminisce about the day of activities.


Where: The event will be held at the residence of Jill and Rodney Ray (Gammy & Big P’s) in West Monroe. All challenges will take place outdoors, spread around their 720 acre estate.


Why: Why not? Actually, it’s just to have a fun time! This is not a money making event for R-Squared Productions, but rather an event to prove that there are fun things to do in our community. And if you’re good enough to win it all, you will walk away with over $100 in prizes and gifts.


How: Registration is already full!  However, you can use the form on this page to sign up for Standby Status in case one of the current teams can't participate.  The cost is $35/person (You don't pay until you have a spot).  Contestants are required to sign up with a partner (spouse, friend, etc.) and all contestants must be 21 years or age or older.  Remember, it’s first come, first served with a limit of 40 total players.



1.    Is there a cost?  Yes, $35/person.
2.    What do I get for my $35?  A fun day of activities, a commemorative t-shirt, food, snacks & drinks and a Tribal Council party to wrap up the evening.  And if you’re the winner, you’ll take home all kinds of gifts and prizes!
3.    Is there an age limit?  Yes, only those 21 years old and older may participate.
4.    How long does it last?  The event lasts approximately 6 to 7 hours.
5.    What do I need to bring?  Each contestant needs to bring a fanny pack large enough to hold small items or pants with large enough pockets to do the same.  Everything else will be provided to play the game, including water to drink.
6.    What should I wear?  Shorts and T-Shirts are a good idea, but it should be something appropriate for the weather, including a comfortable pair of outdoor shoes.  All events will be outside.  While none of the events are intended to get you wet or muddy, a change of clothes might be a good precaution. If it rains on the days leading up to the event, walking in some muddy areas will occur.  Also, feel free to bring your bathing suit and a towel as the pool will be open during the party.
7.    Do I have to be athletic to play?  Most of the games are similar to what you would see on Survivor, but we have designed games that require both brains and brawn.  If you are in at least average physical health, you should be okay.  Consult with your physicians before participating.
8.    Do I need a partner?  Yes, portions of the game will require you to have a partner.
9.    Can I volunteer to help?  Yes!  We will need several people to help with monitoring the games, assisting with refreshments and a host of other things.  Just send us an email at
10.    What time does it start and stop?  Exact times are TBA, but approximate start time is 3:00 with an approximate ending time of 10:00.
11.    Can I submit additional questions?  Yes, send all inquires to: